Conni bed pads

Galway Trading
  • NDIS

Conni absorbent and waterproof bed pads assist in the management of incontinence, bedwetting and toilet training.


    • Available in a range of sizes & styles
    • Eliminates complete bedding changes
    • Soft stay-dry top layer
    • Waterproof & breathable backing
    • Designed to hold 2 to 2.5 litres over an eight hour period
    • Washable and reuseable the Conni bed pads are an environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable bed pads
    • Bed Pad 95x85cm Mauve
    • Bed Pad 95x85cmTeal
    • Blue Bed Pad 100x100cm Kids Print
    • Bed Pad 100x100cm with tuck-ins Mauve

    • Bed Pad 100x100cm with tuck-ins Teal