Knee relaxer support quilted

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Premium Comfort, Premium Position

The Theramed Knee Relaxer is a high quality Australian made leg support designed to elevate the knees and give optimum comfort to the user by providing a zero gravity position for the user.

Sleeping with your knees in raised position is proven to take pressure off the back like when sleeping in the fetal position on your side. There can be excellent benefits for both your back and also your knees.



  • Specially Designed for use with Theramed Adjusta Wedge or Theramed Contoured Bed Wedge for Zero Gravity Support
  • The Quilted Knee Raiser has been designed to be used either with or without our two wedge options
  • With the two wedge options the knee relaxer will help to cradle your back and provide elevation to your knees and upper legs there by naturally relaxing and rejuvenating the spine while at the same time decompressing the vertebrae.
  • Using elevation of the back along with the knee relaxer there should also be help with expanding lung capacity thereby allowing for deeper and more relaxed breathing.

Inner All new 100% open cell ‘breathing’ urethane foam
Outer cover Quilted Cotton with Polyester Wadding
Width 64cm
Length 48cm
Height 17cm