B24 Lift Recline all day Chair

Oscar Furniture
  • DVA
  • NDIS

The B24 has been designed for clients that may otherwise spend their day in bed.

The chair is comfortable for all-day use and can transport the client from room to room without removal from the chair.

The B24 has cordless operation and the 24 volt battery caters for a full day of use and re-charges overnight.

Carers love the strong handlebar, large wheels and easily accessible wheel brake.

Moving the chair is quick, easy and safe for the carer and client


    • Mobile, good for when you need to move a chair or person around
    • Easy movement and operation
    • Powered by the 24V rechargeable battery system
    • Large range of options available
    • Triple roll back
    • Control is standard on the right hand side, (can be fitted to the left hand side)

    B24 Mobile Battery Lift Chair Available in sizes A and B

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