Peak Care Forearm Anatomical Grip Crutches

  • DVA
  • NDIS
  • TAC

Light weight Aluminium with comfy anotomical handle grips, plastic cuff, handgrip attached to frame by rivet, 3 inches for elbow height adjustment, locking anti-rattle device on both top and bottom sections, double safety leg adjustment buttons



  • Light Weight Aluminium Frame
  • Hand-Grip Attached to Frame by Rivet
  • 3 Inches For Elbow Adjustment
  • Locking Anti-Rattle Device on both Top and Bottom Sections
  • Double Safety Leg Adjustments

SWL 130kg
Available in 3 sizes
Small- 875-1600mm
Medium 1600 – 1825mm
Large 1650 – 1875mm