Venosan® microfiber support socks

  • DVA
  • NDIS
  • TAC

Stylish Comfort, Fashionably Soft. Available in Mens or Womens sizing Great for active people in work and travel.


    • 2 Levels of Compression
    • Class 1 15-20mm Hg
    • Class 2 20-30mm Hg compression.
    • Venosan MicroFiberLine is a graduated compression support sock with a closed toe. 
    • Micro Fiber softness and excellent breathability ensure wearer comfort. Stylish comfortable support Fashionably soft comfort
    • Reinforced heel and toe Micro fiber softness Comfortable non-restricting top band
    • Prevents swollen legs Soft Band
    • Does not constrict. Anatomically Knitted
    • For maximum comfort, does not slip

    Material: 82% Nylon
    10% Lycra Spandex
    8% Cotton (Latex Free)
    Options: Below Knee Only.
    Available Colours
    Women Black or Beige.
    Men Black