Vulkan stability ankle brace

  • DVA
  • NDIS
  • TAC

4005 Vulkan Stability Ankle Brace provides high level stability and protection to ankles prone to rolling or twisting. Ideal support during sports and post injury.




  •  Lock heel from inversion or eversion by non-elastic cross-stirrup strap
  • Bilateral plastic stays prevent valgus or varus deviation.
  • Fits right and left foot.
  • Sit ankle in heel support and lace up
  • Wrap the lateral strap under the foot and cross over to secure on the same side
  • Plastic stays can be removed or added to provide additional support
  • Suitable for Mild to moderate ankle distortions, Treatment of acute ankle sprain, Chronic ankle instability & Preventative and therapeutic use in sports activities.

Available in 5 sizes
Extra Small 5-7
Small 7-9
Medium 9-11
Large 11-13
Extra Large 13-15