ELK Lifting Cushion

Patient Handling
  • NDIS

The Mangar Elk is an emergency lifting device that uses an innovative air powered cushion designed to inflate and gradually lift a fallen person up off the floor.

Risk of injury to the carer is greatly reduced as the need to manual lift is no longer there.

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    • Reduces the risk of injury associated with manual handling
    • Helps a carer to lift fallen, but uninjured, persons safely and easily while maintaining their dignity
    • Can be used in restricted or remote locations where other lifting equipment may be impractical or unavailable
    • Easily portable for use on excursions etc.
    • Lifts up to 450kg
    • Powered by a small battery-operated portable air-supply
    • Compact for easy storage
    • Price includes the Airflo 24 compressor unit

    Suitable for large or bariatric people lifts up to 450kg