MoliCare® pads

  • NDIS

Shaped for anatomic perfection.  MoliCare Pad is a reliable pad for light bladder weakness. Suitable for both men and women, the pad sits neatly within normal underwear or fixation pants.



  • Reliable unisex pad range designed for light to moderate bladder weakness
  • With wide adhesive stripe for secure and comfortable fixation in regular underwear
  • With Polyethylen backsheet
  • Odour neutralizer seals in odours tightly
  • Fast absorption with anti-leakage system for maximum security
  • Skin friendly and comfortable, dermatologically tested

MoliCare Pad – Absorbency Guide

Level of urine leakage Absorbency ISO
2 Drops 321 ml
3 Drops 481 ml
4 Drops 865 ml