Shear comfort short slipper boot

  • DVA
  • NDIS
  • TAC

The Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boot is designed to provide protection, support and comfort to those who suffers from skin abrasions, diabetes and ulcers.



  • ​The boot has a rubber sole suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The wool fibers help to distribute pressure, absorb moisture and promote air circulation which improves comfort
  • Comfort and an accommodating fit are ensured by the generous hook and loop strapping on the heel and top of the foot. This allows simple adjustment throughout the day to accommodate any discomfort or swelling
  • The natural properties of wool ensures that comfort and protection is provided to the foot. The moisture dissipation qualities of the wool ensure any perspiration is effectively wicked away from the skin
  • Sold in pairs
  • These Pressure Care Boots can be worn both inside and outside
  • The Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boots can be washed and tumble dried according to the Shear Comfort instructions
  • Warranted to withstand 50 washes in up to 80 degrees Celsius for bacteria eradication